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Seminar & Registration Payment

September 21, 2016

Seminar Description & Registration info

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Other Chapter’s Events

March 07, 2016

Check back soon for other chapter events!

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Registration Jump Page

January 21, 2011

Register or Get more information on our Upcoming Events by Clicking on: Upcoming Dinner Meetings or Register now for our upcoming seminar May 6th, 2017. Same location as before (Johns Hopkins University Rockville Campus Gilchrest Hall). Register here  

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Circuit Testers – an essential Tool

October 14, 2010

A quick look at a Circuit Tester and how it is used and what it tell the inspector.

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Basement or Crawlspace Moisture and Water Entry

September 21, 2010

By Richard Castell
Basement moisture could be coming from inside the house, caused by plumbing leaks, or from outside the house, caused by poor roof and surface water control or a high water table. Poor roof and surface water control allows water to collect or pond at the house foundation wall, and wick or seep through the wall to the inside. A high water table causes water to come up through or around the edges of the basement or crawlspace floor. There are some instances where old stream beds or springs are covered by the house. Most exterior water entry is caused by poor roof and surface water control.

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Common Problems with Oversized Breakers

September 01, 2010

by JD Greewell
What I find quite regularly are oversized breakers for condenser units and clothes dryers.

Clothes dryers should almost universally be on a breaker no larger than 30 amps. Most dryers have two heating coils that draw 10 Amps each. There are smaller stackable units that have only one coil and draw only 13 Amps including the drum motor. The vast majority of electric clothes dryers have two heating elements. Those with two elements draw about 24 Amps maximum. The dryer should normally not be on a wire size larger than a number 10 copper conductor.

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