What is Mac-ASHI?

The American Society of Home Inspectors, Inc. (ASHI) is the oldest professional association of professional home inspectors in the nation.

ASHI members regularly are responsible for advising all parties in real estate transactions as to the structural soundness of building construction as well as functional aspects of the interior and exterior electrical, plumbing, waterproofing, heating and air conditioning systems.

In addition, we count among our associate members, those allied in the fields of housing, construction and environmental safety.

The Mid Atlantic chapter of The American Society of Home Inspectors (MAC-ASHI) is one of the oldest chapters of ASHI. MAC-ASHI was established by early founders of ASHI and has continued to maintain a position of leadership in the industry. MAC-ASHI members have continuously had representation on the national board and professional committees.

All ASHI® Certified Inspectors are required to meet education and experience requirements. Their written reports must conform to consensus industry standards, and they have agreed to abide by the ASHI Code of Ethics. Home inspectors who participate in MAC-ASHI are striving to improve their knowledge and professionalism through regular continuing education programs.


ASHI members come from a wide variety of engineering, construction, business and environmental disciplines.

Each has shown a high level of proficiency in the broad spectrum of knowledge necessary to become a member of ASHI.

Each member must pass a professionally monitored national test exhibiting the ability to recognize, interpret and explain a wide variety of building, electrical, plumbing and construction concerns and failures.

Through chapters across the United States and Canada, ASHI members meet regularly to exchange information and to receive continued education on every aspect of modem construction practices.

This organizational requirement for, and source of, continued education to the Home Inspection industry helps its members to maintain a high level of continuing edu-cation, making it unique in the Home Inspection industry.

MAC-ASHI meets monthly from September to June, with special topic seminars at various times of the year. Each meeting is a dinner meeting and allows a lively interchange among those attending.

If you are involved in, or entering the field of professional home inspection, you are invited to attend our meetings.


MAC-ASHI maintains regular contact with allied professional organizations in real estate, condominium and planned communities and chambers of commerce. As associate members of these organizations, we can help keep the community abreast of changes in the Home Inspection industry as well as provide our members with current concerns of those parties important to the residential home buying.


In addition to homes, MAC-ASHI members also are responsible for performing structural inspections on a variety of commercial buildings: From townhouse offices to strip shopping centers and larger retail stores as well as small manufacturing buildings, MAC-ASHI members can provide both sellers and purchasers an objective analysis of the structural and major operating systems to allow a more knowledgeable transaction.

Meeting Location

MAC-ASHI meets the Second Wednesday of most months at the Rockville Senior Center.  A clickable Map may be found on our CONTACT page.

Board of Directors

Hollis Brown – President
Mark Mostrom – President Elect
Avi Levy – Vice President
Jeremy Provan – Secretary
Sean Troxell – Treasurer
John Vaughn – Immediate Past President
Danny Patkus – Director
David Goldberg – Director
Bob and Welmoed Sisson – Director
Jeffrey Adler – Director

Mac Ashi Important Dates

Month Week Day

Events in May–October 2017